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Commercial and Industrial Property Valuations

Property Valuations Perth experts can offer you professional counseling and services that are tailored to fit your requirements and budget. Whether you need us to carry out a commercial property valuation for Market Rental Review or a commercial Mortgage Security valuation we are here to help. This is a company where you can talk directly to the valuer, and where we know how important it is that you get an accurate and professional valuation report as fast as possible. Our commercial property valuation experts are at your disposal to assist with any question or concern you might have.

Valuations for Related Party Transfers

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It has often been noticed that valuation of property when it is getting transferred within the family members become quite difficult if you do not assign an expert to handle the job. Thus, it is always suggested that you should take the assistance of highly professional experts so that you know exactly for what all you will need to pay.

Superannuation Funds/Asset Registers

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The correct valuation of superannuation fund is extremely essential to have a clear understanding on the amount of investment you can make for the purchase of either residential property or commercial ones. After a radical change in law in 2007, numerous Australians have started taking complete control of their finances through self-managed Superannuated Funds.

Retrospective/Back Dated Valuations

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The experts dealing in this field can successfully provide a retrospective/back dated valuation, say suppose a valuation of a property dated as 30th July 2006. And special care is taken while valuating any such property as these reports are extremely important for these help in the calculation of your capital gain based on which you will be compelled to pay your taxes.

Valuations for Court Litigation/Legal Proceedings

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Property related disputes are very common, and many a times it has been seen that due to some minor problems, the parties have to undergo great trouble. So, if you want to avoid all these legal hassles then the appointing a professional who expertise’s in this field can be very helpful. As these experts will not only help

Market Rental Reviews/ Dispute Resolution

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Our financial experts are also known to solve various disputes, which is often termed as dispute resolution, so that the client is able to be hassle free. So for the correct understanding of the market rates and for solving all disputes, contact our experienced professionals and see the difference they can bring about.

Deceased Estate and Probate Purposes

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The valuation for the property which has been decreasing in accordance to its market value, needs to be evaluated even more carefully, and thus to get this done, you must always employ an efficient professional. This is so because only an expert can provide you with an exact idea about the prevailing market situation.

Looking forward to your next investment in real estate? Then, you also need to ensure that your investment is safe by getting a valuation report. Find out everything you need to know about the property including any damages, risks involved and more. Commercial valuation experts carry out the reports with a short timeframe.


Residential Property Valuations


If you are getting ready to buy or sell property, you certainly need a professional valuation for that residential property. Protect your investment, and get a valuation that will allow you to see exactly how much the property is worth on the market, or what are some possible risks associated with that property. Our team of professional valuators offers efficient services at competitive rates. We issue residential valuation reports with a turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours maximum. Our experts carry out the valuation and you will shorty receive the report that you can use for further guidance in your real estate related transactions/investments.

Residential Strata Building Replacement Costs for Insurance Purposes

Basically, what happens in a Strata title is that you usually end up owning the inside air space of the building, but the exterior of the building will belong to a community group and it is titled as Common Property and you get an appropriate share of that as well. You will need consent of the Common Property owners before you can decide to make any changes to the exterior of your property.

Valuations for Separation/De-Facto Relationship Valuations

We offer transparent, accurate and fair Valuations for Separation/ De Facto Relationships. One of our experienced valuers will visit the premises, and carefully inspect everything. He will take high quality photographs, and then compile the valuation report. Within as little as 2 days, experts will hand over the report to you. All our reports respect the strict guidelines set by the Courts where these will be heard.

Valuations for Asset Register Purposes

It is always recommended that valuation of the asset register must only be done by professionals. Valuation requires not only time but accuracy as well. This task also requires strict compliance to the guidelines laid down by the authorities. Only a certified professional must be hired to perform the valuation. These professionals are experts with a handful of experience. Valuation professionals are an expert in accounting to provide accuracy and integrity coupled with best practices.

Valuations for Capital Gains Tax

Property Valuations Perth experts offer accurate, fair and transparent Valuations for Capital Gains Tax purposes. Since Capital Valuation Tax rules and guidelines are constantly changing, it is a wise step to get such a valuation at certain intervals (such as every 3 years, or at last every 5 years). Capital Gains Tax services can be needed for a wide variety of purposes. If you are not sure whether you need such a valuation or not, contact us and we will help you with the assessment.


In order to help Corporates meet their insurance obligations under the Strata Titles Act we offer them building Insurance Replacement Cost Estimates. We provide insurance assessments for all major types of residential or commercial properties.

Building Replacement Costs for Insurance Purposes

Homeowners are required by law to provide a regular update to the concerned authorities about the estimated residential replacement costs. Property Valuations Perth is an expert company that provides valuations regularly to customers and it is also a company that virtually guarantees that its estimates will have the desired impact on insurance costs.

Commercial Building Replacement Costs for Insurance Purposes

Property Valuations Perth does more than simply provide estimates based on components like labor and cost of materials. It also makes use of a wide-ranging array of other components that are specific to a particular business. So, if you are thinking about replacing components in your gas station, Property Valuations Perth will take into account components like gas pumps.

We also provide Unit Entitlements

for private and corporate developers as well as surveyors

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